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Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 461
Breaking, fragile, splitted, yellowing, bitten nails or beauty of nails.ECRINAL® Nail Growth Care intensely moisturizes and nourishes nails. Its action aims to stimulate nail growth and protection against microbial attacks. The nail is left flexible, durable and neat.APPLICATIONUse once a day for 2 ..
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Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 446
ECRINAL® Repair Serum with 10 Precious Oils moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the nail and its contour, giving them a neat and tidy appearance. The presence of hangnails is visibly diminished.APPLICATIONOne to two applications per day on a natural nail or polished nail as well as the contour. M..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 244
The purifying ONYKOLEÏNE® solution is of double benefit to weakened nails: it creates an environment hostile to the formation of microscopic fungi and contributes to nail regrowth. To be used in addition to an anti-fungal treatment or as a preventative treatment for weak nails suffering from fungal ..
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Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 444
ECRINAL® Vitamin Nail Strengthener can harden, repair and restructure impaired nails. It has a protective action against bacterial and fungal attacks. The growth, regrowth and resistance of the nail are boosted. This hardener is completely invisible.APPLICATIONApply 3 coats per week, or more if nece..
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