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Veido kremai

Brand: O'Rising Product Code: 2009
Special formula with rich and elegant texture containing 24 karats gold particles that associating with the silk proteins stimulate the metabolism of the skin cells. The functional actives, resulting from the most advanced biotechnologies, help skin and décolleté to contrast aging signs through a fi..
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Brand: Coup D'eclat Product Code: 559
COUP D'ECLAT® Nutri-Oxygenating Cream moisturises, revitalises, smoothes and improves skin oxygenation*.A genuine detoxifying and revitalizing treatment, it leaves the complexion radiant and luminous.Its anti-ageing properties, supported by the stimulation of cell renewal, protect the skin from the ..
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Brand: Coup D'eclat Product Code: 280
The Smoothing 1st Wrinkle Cream helps fight the first signs of ageing. Day after day, fine lines are visibly smoothed*, the skin texture is refined and the face is moisturised** and intensely radiant.With a delicate and light texture, this non-comedogenic formula is easily absorbed.* Ex vivo test: i..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 990050
AKILENWINTER® cream is a preventative treatment for the feet, hands and face. It protects the skin from damage caused by the cold and damp, especially by stimulating blood microcirculation and strengthening its barrier function. Irritations, smarting and tightness linked to the cold are soothed than..
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Brand: Coup D'eclat Product Code: 278
COUP D'ECLAT® Velvet Anti-Ageing Cream+ combats the main signs of skin ageing thanks to its anti-wrinkle and anti-slackening active ingredients.Immediately, the skin is intensely moisturised, +70%*.From 6 days, the plumping effect is significant**.After 28 days, the skin is visibly regenerated, firm..
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Brand: Cannaderm Product Code: K0596
Ex Tax:9.92€
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2211
This self-tanning cream gives a uniform and perfect natural golden tan all year long. Thanks to its light texture and moisturizing ingredients (Mango and Grape Seed oils), the Autotan spreads easily and enhances beautiful skin.MOISTURIZING EFFICACY : +76% of hydration increase 1 hour after applicati..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 524
Unifies- Moisturizes- ProtectsThis all-in-one Beauty Balm moisturizes, conceals, protects the skin and instantly reduces the appearance of dark spots, redness, fine lines and blemishes. A ‘3 in 1’ formula for an instant beautiful complexion.Its universal shade suits all skin tones and its mineral pi..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 1239
Recommended for dry, fragile and demanding skin. Instantly calms redness and itchiness.Prevents the loss of firmness and protects the skin from ageing.APPLICATIONIts rich texture is recommended in the morning for dry to very dry skin or as a night treatment for sensitive and more demanding skin..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 368
Thanks to a cocktail of energizing and anti-oxidant active ingredients (Pomegranate Oil, Fresh Cells of Kiwi, Vitamin E) combined with the smoothing power of a patented anti wrinkle peptide, this light and melting cream helps fight the first signs of ageing and the loss of tonicity.A plant complex w..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 159
This cream helps fight the unsightly visible signs of time : brown Spots, skin discoloration due to Pregnancy or Sun Exposure. Advanced anti-ageing treatment skin-care that restores suppleness and smoothness to more mature devitalized skin.APPLICATIONApply twice a day, morning and night for 8 weeks,..
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Brand: Cannaderm Product Code: K3238
Ex Tax:8.86€
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 321
With its fresh and non-oily texture, this daily care moisturizes, matifies and soothes combination to oily skin from the first application.It contains a patented antibacterial active ingredient, Lipesters® CSS that fights the proliferation of germs and ensures a healthier looking complexion.Its SOFT..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2732
HELIABRINE Sweet Clover Normalizing Cream: This very gentle cream, efficiently hydrates, protects and softens dry, fragile and delicate skin.  A moisturizing and soothing plant complex helps reinforce the skin barrier. From the very first application the skin is softer and feels more comfo..
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2-3 Days
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 4312
This cream is specifically formulated for urban living : it protects, detoxifies, rebalances and tones skin that is exposed to stress and pollution, awakens the skin’s natural radiance.Its natural active ingredients improve micro-circulation and bring oxygen to the skin (Lupin and Ginkgo biloba), co..
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Brand: O'Rising Product Code: 1800
Is the result of the most advanced biotechnologies. The natural active ingredients help to prevent and control the skin ageing and to reduce wrinkle profundity for a more refined aspect.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Hyaluronic Acid: natural polymer able to hold big water quantity in the cellular matrix. Strong..
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Brand: D'âme Nature Product Code: 991337
This ultra-light, non-greasy gel gives an immediate sensation of freshness. Its satin particles reflect light, boosting radiance and giving skin an instant lift.APPLICATIONApply morning and evening to thoroughly cleansed face and neck.MAIN INGREDIENTSExtracts of brown algae and rich flax seed, Barba..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 33
Ensures a strong effective protection against UVA and UVB rays.Prevents brown spots appearance and premature skin ageing thanks to the association of organic broad spectrum filters and a Sunflower extract.This formula is recommended for fair skin or first sun exposures.Light and ..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 27
Ensures a strong effective protection against UVA + UVB rays and premature skin ageing thanks to the association of organic broad spectrum filters and a Sunflower extract.Light and invisible texture that penetrates quickly.APPLICATIONApply just before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently and generously..
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Veido kremas normaliai odai Cannaderm Natura 24
2-3 Days
Brand: Cannaderm Product Code: K0598
Ex Tax:10.05€
Veido kremas riebiai odai Cannaderm Natura 24
2-3 Days
Brand: Cannaderm Product Code: K0077
Ex Tax:10.05€
Brand: Cannaderm Product Code: K0114
Ex Tax:10.05€
Brand: D'âme Nature Product Code: 991336
A highly sensory moisturizer that produces a “blurring effect”.APPLICATIONApply morning and evening to thoroughly cleansed face and neck.MAIN INGREDIENTSShea butter, pomegranate extract, blackcurrants, pure salicylic acid, extract of American wintergreen..
Ex Tax:27.40€
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