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Brand: Vitacitral Product Code: 202
Vita Citral® Anti-Aging Anti-Brown Spot Hand Cream is designed for hands that are suffering the effects of aging. It preserves the skin's youthfulness, provides hydration and protection right from the first application. This cream also helps reduce pigmentation marks by half in 8 weeks.APPLICATIONAp..
Ex Tax:8.45€
Brand: Akileine Product Code: 114
Cicaleïne® Balm repairs and protects cracked and chapped areas in the feet and hands. As of the first application, its high moisturizing power makes the skin soft and comfortable again after only 7 days of use. The soothing effect is remarkable and the amount of chapping and cracks is significantly ..
Ex Tax:9.78€
Brand: Vitacitral Product Code: 253
Vita Citral® Hydra-Defense Hand Balm intensely hydrates very dry hands from the first application. It offers protection to hands exposed to extreme conditions such as the cold or frequent washing. Its gentle formula respects and softens the skin, reduces roughness and soothes irritations to provide ..
Ex Tax:7.89€
Brand: Akileine Product Code: 990050
AKILENWINTER® cream is a preventative treatment for the feet, hands and face. It protects the skin from damage caused by the cold and damp, especially by stimulating blood microcirculation and strengthening its barrier function. Irritations, smarting and tightness linked to the cold are soothed than..
Ex Tax:4.79€
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2901
Thanks to its high concentration in shea butter, plant glycerin and grape seed oil rich in essential fatty acids, this unctuous hand cream protects, softens and ensures an immediate and long lasting hydration to dry, damaged or fragile hands.Its velvety texture leaves a soft and non greasy film on t..
Ex Tax:11.57€
Brand: Vitacitral Product Code: 201
Vita Citral® Moisturizing Cream moisturizes dry hands from the first application. The skin is protected and its barrier function restored. Its velvety texture leaves a soft, non-greasy, non-sticky protective layer on the skin. The skin is immediately comfortable.APPLICATIONApply with a light massage..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: Cannaderm Product Code: K0039
Ex Tax:8.86€
Brand: O'Rising Product Code: 4800
TOSCANA is a hand cream with strong moisturizing, nourishing, protective and anti aging effects; it is a synergy of sea extracts and olive oil.Thanks to its natural ingredients it can be considered an excellent beauty treatment for hands exposed to the aggressions of wind, cold weather, soaps and de..
Ex Tax:8.35€
Brand: Vitacitral Product Code: 259
Vita Citral® TR+ Gel takes care of the most damaged or chapped hands by providing enhanced hydration and soothing skin irritations such as redness and tightness. Its restorative, moisturizing and soothing actions allow you to find immediate and lasting comfort. Roughness of the skin is softened and ..
Ex Tax:7.08€
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