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Kosmetika moterims

Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 443
ECRINAL® Anti-Streak Basecoat smoothens and evens out irregularities in the surface of the nail. The nail is also covered with a protective layer which can protect from yellowing caused by colored polish. Finally, this polish protects the nail by providing tonics and protective elements against agin..
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Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 990726
ECRINAL® ANP® 2+ Fortifying Shampoo gently cleanses hair without irritating the scalp. It stimulates the roots and strengthens the hair. Its use is particularly recommended in the case of hair loss.APPLICATIONApply to wet hair. Massage into the scalp and hair and leave for 1 minute. Rinse. If necess..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 524
Unifies- Moisturizes- ProtectsThis all-in-one Beauty Balm moisturizes, conceals, protects the skin and instantly reduces the appearance of dark spots, redness, fine lines and blemishes. A ‘3 in 1’ formula for an instant beautiful complexion.Its universal shade suits all skin tones and its mineral pi..
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Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 441
ECRINAL® Clear & Shiny Top Coat forms a shield over the nail immediately protecting against shock while strengthening. When applied as a top coat, it revives the shine of the nail and improves the resistance of the varnish.APPLICATIONApply a layer directly on the nail or as a top coat on colored..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2342
This formula combines ANP® 2+, Tripeptide and Provitamin B5 to strengthen and promote growth of fragile, thin, sparse or short eyelashes and eyebrows.It increases the volume and length of eyelashes in just 30 days. This Strengthener can be used under mascara and is suitable for sensitive eyes a..
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Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 54
Fragile or too short and too thin Lashes/Eyebrows. Fortifying Gel with ANP® 2+ is for eyelashes and eyebrows that are too short or deficient. It protects and strengthens the hair shaft. This limits the loss of lashes and eyebrows and stimulates regrowth. Can be applied day and night even under the m..
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Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 990754
ECRINAL® ANP® 2+ Fortifying Lotion strengthens the hair and stimulates the scalp. Hair once again finds its softness and shine. Very quickly, the hair becomes healthy from root to tip. Its perfume is cool and fresh which makes this product a real treat. Can be used as a follow-up treatment after the..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 369
This Slimming Gel helps refine the silhouette thanks to a natural slimming complex ‘Green coffee & Yerba Mate’ that promotes the reduction of localized fat accumulation and prevents its reappearance.Algisium C® restores the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Grape seed oil and plant glycerin e..
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Brand: Cannaderm Product Code: K2477
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2422
This 3 in 1 serum instantly creates a radiant complexion, smoothes wrinkles, reduces imperfections and signs of fatigue and gives the skin a more rested and youthful appearance.Sweet almond bio-polymers smooth the skin for instant beauty and a long lasting lifting effect.Soft focus and mattifying po..
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2-3 Days
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 1452
This intensive anti-ageing treatment revitalizes, firms and replumps mature, tired or devitalized skins. Highly concentrated in Marine Collagen and powerful anti-ageing Peptides, these ampoules stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which decreases during the ageing process.APPLICATIO..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 288
Ideal for the care of dry and very dry skin.Nourishes and moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.Improves the elasticity and the suppleness of the skin.Lightly fragranced.APPLICATIONUse daily on all body parts after bath or shower.INGREDIENTS : Aqua (Water), Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil),..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 402
This nourishing dry oil with delectable scents of Musc and Vanilla can be used all year round to repair the skin and the hair. It is made of 5 Precious Plant Oils that enhance the skin and protect its elasticity.Grape Seed, Sunflower, Macadamia and Hazelnut Oils leave the skin soft and silky wh..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 264
Soothes and prevents skin imperfections, ingrown hair and redness caused by hair removal.Contains a patented ingredient, Capislow®​ which slows hair re-growth.APPLICATIONApply the gel just after hair removal. Use daily for about a week after hair removal.Avoid sun exposure after applicatio..
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Brand: Ecrinal Product Code: 460
Thanks to its unique formula with fortifying active ingredients, lashes are strengthened. Application after application, lashes are lengthened, strengthened and thicker*.From the very first application, it coats all lashes from root to tip and fleshes them out with the exclusive combination of ANP®2..
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