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Kojų kremai diabetinei pėdai

Brand: Akileine Product Code: 114
Cicaleïne® Balm repairs and protects cracked and chapped areas in the feet and hands. As of the first application, its high moisturizing power makes the skin soft and comfortable again after only 7 days of use. The soothing effect is remarkable and the amount of chapping and cracks is significantly ..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 369
Akileïne® Nutri-Repair Cream for Dry Feet with plant extracts provides lasting and intense moisturization. It repairs cracks and chapping, gives the foot in-depth nourishment and protects the skin’s youthfulness thanks to the IPARZINE®-4A (patented active ingredient exclusive to Laboratoires ASEPTA)..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 851
AKILDIA® Multi-Protective Cream gives complete protection to the epidermis of diabetic feet. It provides intense moisturization, strengthens the barrier function and removes calluses. By stimulating blood microcirculation, it helps feet to regain their sensitivity. Containing antibacterial and antif..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 832
24 hours of hydration for your feet !Akileïne® Hydra-Defense Balm gives intense and lasting moisturization (24 hours non-stop) as well as a soothing action as of the first application. Its formula provides a response to severe dehydration and pronounced calluses. It is perfectly suited to weakened s..
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Brand: Cannaderm Product Code: K0480
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