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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 244
This very gentle peeling cream contains peach,carrot extracts and lactic acid, naturally rich in AHA, to deeply eliminate dead cells and impurities.Gentle formula for all skin types.APPLICATIONOnce or twice a week, apply a thin layer all over cleansed and dry face & neck, avoiding the eye areas...
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 162
Indications: dull, tired skin, expression wrinkles, fine lines. The solution for successful selfies!Natural extracts of Sweet Almond, Kappaphycus Alvarezii, Sorghum Juice and Acmella Oleracea ensure an instant and long-lasting (8H) smoothing effect on expression wrinkles.Natural mineral pearls ..
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2-3 Days
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 37
Nourishes and soothes skin after exposure to the sun, thanks to its rich content in Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids. This lotion contains soothing (Calendula oil) and moisturizing (Vegetable Glycerin) ingredients that leave a soft and satiny finish to the skin.APPLICATIONUse all over the bo..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2211
This self-tanning cream gives a uniform and perfect natural golden tan all year long. Thanks to its light texture and moisturizing ingredients (Mango and Grape Seed oils), the Autotan spreads easily and enhances beautiful skin.MOISTURIZING EFFICACY : +76% of hydration increase 1 hour after applicati..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 524
Unifies- Moisturizes- ProtectsThis all-in-one Beauty Balm moisturizes, conceals, protects the skin and instantly reduces the appearance of dark spots, redness, fine lines and blemishes. A ‘3 in 1’ formula for an instant beautiful complexion.Its universal shade suits all skin tones and its mineral pi..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 531
This body scrub with 3 teas extracts and sea salt eliminates gently dead cells and impurities leaving the skin fresh, soft and radiant.Its invigorating fragrance provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being.The exfoliation is an essential step to enhance cell renewal, stimulate blood circ..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 327
This soap-free transparent gel offers an effective yet gentle daily cleansing for combination to oily skin subject to black-heads or pimples. It deeply purifies and cleanses the epidermis. You can use it mornings and evenings. Gently massage into damp skin until lather appears, the rinse abundantly ..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 1239
Recommended for dry, fragile and demanding skin. Instantly calms redness and itchiness.Prevents the loss of firmness and protects the skin from ageing.APPLICATIONIts rich texture is recommended in the morning for dry to very dry skin or as a night treatment for sensitive and more demanding skin..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2632
Rich in moisturizing natural ingredients, this exfoliating cream genlty eliminates dead cells and impurities leaving the skin soft, silky and radiant.APPLICATIONOnce or twice a week, massage onto damp skin concentrating on rough areas. Rinse thoroughly, then apply your HELIABRINE® body care (moistur..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 702
Highly concentrated in anti-ageing (Algisium C®, Pomegranate oil), moisturizing (Hyaluronic acid, Plant glycerin), brightening (Bearberry) and draining (Ginkgo Biloba, Rutin, Arnica) active ingredients, this corrective serum addresses all specific problems of the eye contour area. APPLICATIONAp..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 692
This very gentle formula with soothing plant extracts (Cornflower, Calendula, Camomile, Lime Blossom) removes efficiently all traces of makeup on eyelids, eyelashes and brows. All skin type.APPLICATIONUse daily with a cotton pad to remove mascara and cleanse the eye contour. Rinse off with wate..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2342
This formula combines ANP® 2+, Tripeptide and Provitamin B5 to strengthen and promote growth of fragile, thin, sparse or short eyelashes and eyebrows.It increases the volume and length of eyelashes in just 30 days. This Strengthener can be used under mascara and is suitable for sensitive eyes a..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 1065
This gentle exfoliating care with Caviar and Grape extracts, naturally rich in vitamins A,B, D and polyphenols, removes, efficiently dead cells and impurities. It leaves the skin soft, radiant and more receptive to the following treatments. Its melting golden texture delights the senses.APPLICATIONO..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 368
Thanks to a cocktail of energizing and anti-oxidant active ingredients (Pomegranate Oil, Fresh Cells of Kiwi, Vitamin E) combined with the smoothing power of a patented anti wrinkle peptide, this light and melting cream helps fight the first signs of ageing and the loss of tonicity.A plant complex w..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 521
​Goldfingerz massage gel allows a long massage of face or body. It penetrates slowly and wraps the skin with a deeply emollient satin film. It also nourishes the epidermis. Innovative texture. Non oily. Leaves the skin incredibly soft and supple.APPLICATIONApply a knob of massage gel ..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 3252
Highly concentrated in plant extracts, this cream-mask purifies (Kaolin), soothes (Chamomile, Cornflower, Calendula, St John's wort, Lime Blossom, Aloe) and helps regulate excess sebum production (Lipesters® C8SS, Mint and Orange essential oils). APPLICATIONSpread evenly on the face once to twi..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2901
Thanks to its high concentration in shea butter, plant glycerin and grape seed oil rich in essential fatty acids, this unctuous hand cream protects, softens and ensures an immediate and long lasting hydration to dry, damaged or fragile hands.Its velvety texture leaves a soft and non greasy film on t..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 1064
Thanks to its unique shape and fine red algae particles, the HELIASLIM Soap gently scrubs away dead cells and prepares the skin for the HELIASLIM Body Gel.Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, Shea butter and Donkey Milk leave the skin soft and supple. APPLICATIONUse in the show..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 369
This Slimming Gel helps refine the silhouette thanks to a natural slimming complex ‘Green coffee & Yerba Mate’ that promotes the reduction of localized fat accumulation and prevents its reappearance.Algisium C® restores the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Grape seed oil and plant glycerin e..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 159
This cream helps fight the unsightly visible signs of time : brown Spots, skin discoloration due to Pregnancy or Sun Exposure. Advanced anti-ageing treatment skin-care that restores suppleness and smoothness to more mature devitalized skin.APPLICATIONApply twice a day, morning and night for 8 weeks,..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 159-144
Ex Tax:60.33€
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 144
This outstanding formula restores a radiant skin and fights significantly the signs of ageing (wrinkles, lack of firmness, brown spots).Thanks to the “WHITESPHERETM PREMIUM” brightening complex and a Bearberry extract, this serum helps reduce brown spots and get a fairer complexion.A complex of..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 1472
This alcohol-free lotion refreshes, revitalizes and clarifies your skin.Suited for all skin conditions.APPLICATIONApply on the face and neck with a cotton wool after using the HP CLEANSING MILK. Can be used all day long in order to tone or refresh the skin.INGREDIENTS : Aqua (Water), PPG-1-PEG-..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2422
This 3 in 1 serum instantly creates a radiant complexion, smoothes wrinkles, reduces imperfections and signs of fatigue and gives the skin a more rested and youthful appearance.Sweet almond bio-polymers smooth the skin for instant beauty and a long lasting lifting effect.Soft focus and mattifying po..
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2-3 Days
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 1452
This intensive anti-ageing treatment revitalizes, firms and replumps mature, tired or devitalized skins. Highly concentrated in Marine Collagen and powerful anti-ageing Peptides, these ampoules stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which decreases during the ageing process.APPLICATIO..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 321
With its fresh and non-oily texture, this daily care moisturizes, matifies and soothes combination to oily skin from the first application.It contains a patented antibacterial active ingredient, Lipesters® CSS that fights the proliferation of germs and ensures a healthier looking complexion.Its SOFT..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 288
Ideal for the care of dry and very dry skin.Nourishes and moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis.Improves the elasticity and the suppleness of the skin.Lightly fragranced.APPLICATIONUse daily on all body parts after bath or shower.INGREDIENTS : Aqua (Water), Paraffinum Liquidum (Mineral Oil),..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 402
This nourishing dry oil with delectable scents of Musc and Vanilla can be used all year round to repair the skin and the hair. It is made of 5 Precious Plant Oils that enhance the skin and protect its elasticity.Grape Seed, Sunflower, Macadamia and Hazelnut Oils leave the skin soft and silky wh..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2732
HELIABRINE Sweet Clover Normalizing Cream: This very gentle cream, efficiently hydrates, protects and softens dry, fragile and delicate skin.  A moisturizing and soothing plant complex helps reinforce the skin barrier. From the very first application the skin is softer and feels more comfo..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 2922
This very gentle cream-mask helps restore the comfort and radiance of fragile and sensitive skin thanks to a cocktail of soothing, moisturizing and repairing active ingredients.APPLICATIONOnce a week, apply a thick layer of mask on perfectly cleansed skin avoiding the eye and lips contour areas..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 272
This exceptional serum with its amazing texture soothes, repairs, protects and strengthens sensitive and reactive skins. Highly concentrated in antiageing ingredients, the Nutri-Vitamin Serum should be used daily for a period of one month when the skin is exposed to difficult climatic condition..
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2-3 Days
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 4312
This cream is specifically formulated for urban living : it protects, detoxifies, rebalances and tones skin that is exposed to stress and pollution, awakens the skin’s natural radiance.Its natural active ingredients improve micro-circulation and bring oxygen to the skin (Lupin and Ginkgo biloba), co..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 432
This light and mild foam allows perfect cleansing of skin that is exposed to pollution and environmental stress. Because it is formulated with very mild cleansing agents, even persons with sensitive skin can use it daily.Its active ingredients bring oxygenation (Lupin and Gingko Biloba) and rad..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 264
Soothes and prevents skin imperfections, ingrown hair and redness caused by hair removal.Contains a patented ingredient, Capislow®​ which slows hair re-growth.APPLICATIONApply the gel just after hair removal. Use daily for about a week after hair removal.Avoid sun exposure after applicatio..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 140
This 'second skin' mask smoothes, replumps lines and wrinkles, moisturizes deeply and softens the skin thanks to its high concentration in Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen and Aloe Vera.Particularly recommended for fragile, sensitive, demanding, dry or mature skin with a major lack of moisture or sh..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 3981
This bio-cellulose mask purifies, soothes and moisturizes combination to oily skins.Leading innovation in Biotechnology, BIOCELLULOSE is 100% natural. It is obtained by natural fermentation of coconut milk and its texture is made of very fine organic fibers which form a protective membrane that fits..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 33
Ensures a strong effective protection against UVA and UVB rays.Prevents brown spots appearance and premature skin ageing thanks to the association of organic broad spectrum filters and a Sunflower extract.This formula is recommended for fair skin or first sun exposures.Light and ..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 27
Ensures a strong effective protection against UVA + UVB rays and premature skin ageing thanks to the association of organic broad spectrum filters and a Sunflower extract.Light and invisible texture that penetrates quickly.APPLICATIONApply just before sun exposure. Re-apply frequently and generously..
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 3282
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 337
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Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 241
Ex Tax:11.73€
Brand: Heliabrine Product Code: 1482
HELIABRINE Wrinkle Filler: This incredible formula associates a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid with Iparzine® -4A, an exclusive patented ingredient that helps fight effectively signs of ageing (loss of firmness and lack of elasticity). APPLICATIONApply in the morning to a perfectly ..
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