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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 114
Cicaleïne® Balm repairs and protects cracked and chapped areas in the feet and hands. As of the first application, its high moisturizing power makes the skin soft and comfortable again after only 7 days of use. The soothing effect is remarkable and the amount of chapping and cracks is significantly ..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 369
Akileïne® Nutri-Repair Cream for Dry Feet with plant extracts provides lasting and intense moisturization. It repairs cracks and chapping, gives the foot in-depth nourishment and protects the skin’s youthfulness thanks to the IPARZINE®-4A (patented active ingredient exclusive to Laboratoires ASEPTA)..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 269
Akileïne® Relaxing Balm with Plants decongests and soothes overheated, tired and swollen feet, thus providing a feeling of immediate comfort. Its formula also has the power to moisturize, protect and soften.APPLICATIONApply to the entire foot morning and night.INGREDIENTSAqua (Water), Caprylic/Capri..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 369
Akileïne® Shoe Deo-Sanitizing Spray allows for efficient deodorizing of shoes subject to even the most severe of bad odors, whilst providing a truly fresh effect. The shoe is thus disinfected and its life can be extended. This spray also prevents microbial growth.APPLICATIONSpray into the shoes in t..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 142
Akileïne® Feet and Shoe Spray gives a triple benefit to foot comfort. It efficiently deodorizes them to avoid bad odors. It also regulates excessive perspiration leading to maceration. Its anti-bacterial formula is also the perfect counter to microbial and fungal growth.APPLICATIONSpray onto the ent..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 851
AKILDIA® Multi-Protective Cream gives complete protection to the epidermis of diabetic feet. It provides intense moisturization, strengthens the barrier function and removes calluses. By stimulating blood microcirculation, it helps feet to regain their sensitivity. Containing antibacterial and antif..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 990050
AKILENWINTER® cream is a preventative treatment for the feet, hands and face. It protects the skin from damage caused by the cold and damp, especially by stimulating blood microcirculation and strengthening its barrier function. Irritations, smarting and tightness linked to the cold are soothed than..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 367
Akileïne® Anti-perspirant Cream combats excessive perspiration by regulating the sweat flow of the feet without totally stopping it and by respecting their physiological balance even as soon as the first application. Thanks to its anti-bacterial benefits, the Anti-perspirant Cream also combats the e..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 410
Akileïne® Anti-perspirant cream for KIDS combats excessive perspiration by regulating the flow of sweat from the feet without stopping it completely and while respecting the physiological balance, from the first application. Thanks to its active ingredients, this cream also protects skin from irrita..
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Atstatantis kremas kojų nagams Akileine PRO
2-3 Days
Brand: Akileine Product Code: 990309
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 1198
Forms a supple, transparent and waterproof protection from the first application.APPLICATIONGently spread the film with the brush. Let it dry for 1 minute and the film will create a protective and transparent protection, like a second skin effect, resistant to water.INGREDIENTSButyl Acetate, Ethyl A..
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2-3 Days
Brand: Akileine Product Code: 579
AKILEINE® Cold Feet Cream fights the unpleasant and painful sensation of cold feet. This cream contains VBE, a heating ingredient that makes it possible to feel the sensation of warmth in just a few minutes and that lasts up to several hours! The skin resistance against cold is also reinforced thank..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 888
Akileïne® Deo Anti-Perspirant Foot Spray acts as of the first application: it normalizes perspiration and gives feet a fresh feeling. Its anti-perspirant benefits also limit the irritation caused by excess sweat. It neutralises bad odors and prevents them from forming while pleasantly deodorizing th..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 832
24 hours of hydration for your feet !Akileïne® Hydra-Defense Balm gives intense and lasting moisturization (24 hours non-stop) as well as a soothing action as of the first application. Its formula provides a response to severe dehydration and pronounced calluses. It is perfectly suited to weakened s..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 492
Akileïne® Ice Gel, with its dual soothing and refreshing benefits, immediately and permanently calms and decongests tired and overheated feet. Blood microcirculation is stimulated and the feet are decongested. The ice effect is still felt several hours after application.APPLICATIONMassage the feet v..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 363
Akileïne® Instant Freshness Spray gives an instantly fresh feeling to overheated and tired feet. Feet are soothed as of the first application. The freshness effect is felt even through tights, stockings or socks.APPLICATIONApply from the sole of the foot moving up towards the ankle. Spray as often a..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 244
The purifying ONYKOLEÏNE® solution is of double benefit to weakened nails: it creates an environment hostile to the formation of microscopic fungi and contributes to nail regrowth. To be used in addition to an anti-fungal treatment or as a preventative treatment for weak nails suffering from fungal ..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 370
Akileïne® Dry Powder Spray dries the feet as of the first application and protects them by forming a protective film against friction and rubbing. Excess sweatiness is absorbed, which avoids maceration and the spread of fungal infections, the latter also being combated by the anti-bacterial active i..
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2-3 Days
Brand: Akileine Product Code: 79
The Akileïne® Pumice Stone allows for fast and efficient removal of even the most pronounced calluses and roughness. The feet are cleaner and softer. This stone optimises the benefits of Akileïne® moisturizing products.APPLICATIONTo be used under running water, paying attention to scrub the roughest..
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Brand: Akileine Product Code: 645
Akileïne® Relaxing Effervescent Footbath Tablets refresh and instantly relax the feet. The formula and effervescence stimulate the plantar arch, refreshing and toning the foot for an extremely fast and long-lasting invigorating benefit. Its small, single-dose format is practical for traveling.APPLIC..
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